22nd July, 2011

Okay! So it’s a lovely Friday in Portland and one week later, I have lots of documentation from Cosmic Forest, including the video above. Again, all this stuff was shot by my awesome intern, and it’s a lot of fun to see stuff in motion. If nothing else, it was a perfect summer show.

Like I said, gorgeous weather; and the joy of berry picking at Sauvie Island! I think I wouldn’t mind a job picking fruits and vegetables. Plus, we saw the tiniest green frog! Sadly my camera battery was dead, so no documentation but lots of berries, a great little lunch at a hole in the wall Mexican joint, and now enjoying the sunlight before I get back into my running habits. Summer days like these are perfect.

And FYI: I’m going on vacation to the East Coast from 7/24-8/4. No freelance work for me! But then I’m definitely available to take on some new projects. Please keep me in mind, awesome clients! I think it’s time to order a few new sketchbooks and start drawing like mad, don’t you?


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