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23rd December, 2012

Year in Review: 2012 edition.

Every year I like to try and look back at what I’ve done the previous year, though I don’t know that I always post it. But it’s handy when you’re in the blur of the day to day to realize what you accomplished (and where next to go), I think!

Year in Review:

  • Continued teaching illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Worked with Disney’s Wonderground Gallery to create a piece for their Pixar show
  • Had pieces in shows at Land, Gallery 1988, Light Grey Art Lab, and Gallery Nucleus
  • Worked with Light Grey Art Lab to host Illustration Bootcamp in June— a whirlwind weekend of illustration fun!
  • Continued illustrating for Jamie Magazine as well as other editorial clients like Smithsonian Magazine, Plansponsor, and Rhode Island Monthly, and a few book projects for Storey Publishing.
  • Learned a bit about animation by taking a class, as well about laser-cutting/engraving, how neat!
  • Finally traveled out of the country to be a part of TCAF in lovely Toronto!
  • Created my first zine since college. Want to do more books/etc for sure.
  • Created portraits to be displayed in a bar in NYC
  • Worked on a line of greeting cards as well as some work for licensed canvas prints (coming soon)
  • More notebook designs for Monoblock and Scout Books!
  • Created artwork for two charity art projects- Help Ink and Heartwork.
  • Started working back into pattern work (need to do more!)
  • Tried my hand at storyboarding/design tests for Cartoon Network
  • Loosened up and tried a lot of mixed media process
  • Sent out a fair chunk of self-promo, though I still need to get back into that
  • Designed my second letterpress print— what fun!
  • Was a part of CABINFEST with other fantastic lady illustrators in the wilds of Oregon
  • Traveled to CT and to the coasts of Oregon for inspiration too
  • Tackled Crafty Wonderland for the second year and got engaged!
  • Worked on some wedding invite artwork for other clients too.
I guess it was a busier year than I thought! There’s so much I want to do next year though, this only scratches the surface. Tomorrow, I’m going to write a goal list to share with you. Let’s make 2013 even more awesome than 2012!